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The NEW Adventure & Expedition Cruising Lounge feature brings together an inspirational collection of exciting expedition and wildlife cruise operators to spark interest and present travellers with all there is to consider when planning the adventure of a lifetime.

With the rising popularity of wildlife and exploratory travel, adventure & expedition cruising experiences offer incredible journeys for travellers who want to experience unimaginable encounters to all corners of the world. From the icy polar regions to the Galapagos Islands, or the Amazon to Papua New Guinea the choice of destinations, activities and itineraries you can visit these days are simply astonishing. 

Discover the best sites to view polar bears, to meet indigenous tribe people or follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers. Adventure cruising can take you to places other ships cannot reach – and mostly with just a small group of passengers per voyage. River journeys, exploratory voyages and small ship adventures to destinations off-the-beaten-track present extraordinary alternatives to mainstream and larger resort style ships. 


Regions: Amazon - The Arctic - Antarctica - Central America - Galapagos - Patagonia - South America

Chimu Adventures offer small ship expedition cruises to some of the most remote parts of the planet. Their travel style encourages extra shore time for guests, whilst using the convenience of the ship as a base, watching the world go by - you will get up close and personal with your destination. Whether on an expedition to Antarctica or the Arctic visiting the icy mainland in your zodiacs each day, in South America cruising the Amazon on an eight berth cruiser (equipped with personal spa and crew) or visiting private islands off the coast of Brazil, you’ll be spoilt for choices.  You could also be photographing the enigmatic wildlife of the Galapagos or heading further south to cruise through Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords en-route to the ‘end of the world’ in Ushuaia.  

Regions: Africa & Indian Ocean - American West Coast – Antarctica - Australia - Galapagos Islands - Greenland  - Russian Far East - South Pacific Islands - The Arctic

Whether it’s attending a briefing, exploring by Zodiac©, or hiking on terra firma, an expedition cruise with Silversea will immerse you immediately in your destination. One day you could be snorkelling with sea turtles, the next day blazing a trail through an old growth rain forest while long-tailed macaques screech overhead. Every moment can amaze: a Wandering Albatross lifting its enormous wings to take flight, a whale so close you can count the barnacles on its back. Silversea Expeditions’ complimentary activities guarantee close-up encounters with a region’s unique flora and fauna, its most remote landscapes and habitats … and with the insight of expert guides who are always at hand.

Ice Tracks Expeditions

Destinations: Arctic - Antarctica - Argentina & Chile 

Our passion for Antarctica and the Arctic inspired us to start Ice Tracks Expeditions. We are dedicated to make  Adventure Travel a life-changing experience. We set out to give you a trip of a lifetime, working with outstanding guides and a sea faring crew who practically have ice in their veins! As founders of Ice Tracks we are immensely proud of our once fledgling company that continues to soar ever higher. Buoyed by a passion and commitment to offer a unique experience ‘to the ends of the world’  Ice Tracks  has added  several more superb  destinations to its portfolio...

Quark Expeditions

Destinations: Arctic - Antarctica

For over 25 years, Quark Expeditions has been the leading provider of polar adventure travel. With its diverse fleet of specially equipped vessels, unique land-based adventures and seasoned expedition leaders, it offer travelers unparalleled access to the most remote regions on earth: the Arctic and Antarctica. Since 1991 and our first-ever tourism transit of the Northeast Passage, Quark has been blazing trails in polar adventure travel. Our trailblazing is just one reason we’re a uniquely qualified company to ensure you have a trip of a lifetime.

Exclusive Expeditions

Destinations: Alaska - Amazon - Antarctica – Arctic – Australia - Russian Far

Exclusive Expeditions is a division of The Cruise Line established 25 years ago and recognised as one of the leading luxury cruise specialists.  Our product range includes brands such as Oceanwide Expeditions, Lindblad, Alpha Safaris, Zambezi Queen and Aqua Expeditions amongst others.  We offer a complete range of destinations worldwide from the Amazon to Australia, Pole to Pole and Alaska to Russian Far East.